Tips for refrigerating or freezing dough

  • Refrigerating dough slows down the yeast activity, but does not stop it completely. After the dough is kneaded, flatten into a one-inch thick disk and place in a plastic bag. The disk shape allows dough to chill evenly. The dough will need to be punched down in an hour and again in a couple more hours, but when completely cool, dough will rise very slowly. The refrigeration time is considered the first rise time.
  • The dough can also be shaped, tightly covered and refrigerated for several hours or even overnight. Remove from refrigerator, partially unwrap and let rise until ripe. Bake according to recipe directions.
  • Dough can also be frozen for later shaping and baking using the same processes as above.
  • Dough can be kept in a freezer up to four weeks. To thaw, place covered dough in the refrigerator overnight. Remove from refrigerator, partially unwrap and bring to room temperature.
  • Keep in mind that homemade bread has no preservatives so it is best to freeze loaves within 3 days and use them within a few months of freezing.
  • Freeze it in an airtight plastic bag or tin foil.

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