Tips to help you judge the condition of your dough

  • To determine if yeast dough is kneaded enough, break off a small, walnut-sized ball of dough. Stretch the dough, much like stretching a balloon or a piece of bubble gum. If the dough is kneaded enough, it will not tear easily and a translucent membrane will be visible. This is known as a gluten window.
  • Use the ripe test to determine rising times. Yeast dough is considered “ripe” when it has risen enough. Pushing two fingers into the dough up to the second knuckle can test dough. If the holes remain when taken out, it is “ripe” and ready to punch down. If not, cover and let rise longer.
  • To determine if a risen loaf is ready for the oven, lightly touch the side of the loaf; if the imprint remains, it is ready to be baked. Expect a beautiful oven spring!


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