How to tell when your bread dough is done proofing

One of the most important stages of baking bread is being able to proof your dough. Proofing is the process in which bread dough is covered with a cloth or cling film and left to rest. During this time, it undergoes fermentation and takes on its final rise before being baked.
However, a matter of minutes could result in over-proving your dough and ruining your entire bread.

♦ How to tell if your bread dough is over-proved
‘If the indentation remains and the dough doesn’t bounce back, it’s been over-proved.’

♦ How to tell if your bread dough is under-proved
‘If it completely bounces without any indentation left, it’s under-proved.’

♦ How to tell if your bread dough is ready for the oven
‘If the indentation bounces back but halfway, that means it’s been proofed correctly and you can pop that into the oven to bake.’

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