Know which crust you want

There are a couple of factors that determine whether you’ll end up with a well coloured vibrant crust or one that is dull and lifeless.

  • Artisan, chewy style crust needs steam for the first few minutes, then dry heat.
  • Dusting with flour gives a rustic look to the loaf.
  • Egg wash turns the bread golden and gives a softer crust.
  • Milk washes in the last few minutes are good for a sandwich style loaf and give a glossy brown, soft crust.
  • Brush loaves or rolls with oil or water and roll in seeds or grains to coat before baking.
    • Sunflower seed rolls
    • Cottage Cheese rolls
  • Oil softens the crust, water keeps it crisper.
  • Slash the top of loaves 1/4 inch deep 15 -20 minutes before baking, if not longer, to give the ultimate slash and rise look to the bread.

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