What is an Artisan bread?

What is it that makes a loaf of bread an artisan loaf? It’s an interesting question.


When you talk about artisan bread you’re talking about bread made by an artisan – someone skilled in the craft of bread making. It’s not about how rustic the loaf looks or how uneven the crumb, although these are attractive qualities that indicate the changing nature of bread from day to day.

It’s not even about how hands-on the process is, as there are very few artisan bakers who have not embraced the time and energy-saving potential of technology. At one end you have bakers that rely on a dough mixer to mix and knead the dough to those that are entirely automated.


Like artisan bakers everywhere, you need to work out how to hold to the traditional methods of baking and learn from the skills and knowledge of the bakers who have been before and apply, where you can, advances in technology that can help you continue to make the best bread you can.

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